What is Alexa?

Alexa is a web information company renown for their ranking program for blogs/website. They rank the blogs/websites & also provide little knowledge about the traffic stats & health of the blog.
According to Alexa, right now they measure the more than 30 million sites, and there are more than 6 million visitors to their website in a month. With this record, one can easily measure the importance of Alexa ranking.

Personally don’t think that Alexa ranking has anything to do with the health of a blog & their algorithm is a fail.

Alexa Algorithm: How it works?

Knowing the algorithm is like half the work done. Alexa has a complex algorithm for ranking millions of blogs & it keeps changing their stats/ranks on a daily basis.
Alexa officially clears the ranking algorithm with this statement. The rank is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to webspecia.com and pageviews on webspecia.com over the past three months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1

Myths & Facts about Alexa Ranking

  • Alexa Doesn’t depends upon the traffic of your blog.
  • The Ranking factor doesn’t depends upon your Adsense income.
  • Alexa Ranking has nothing to do with your blog SEO or your search Engine presence.

How to Improve Alexa Rank?

Bringing down the Alexa rank is not a tough job. Have a look and try to implement the tips.

1. Gain gentle visitors or Quality visitors

We strongly believe that the whole Alexa algorithm based on this Techy Visitor factor.Suppose I am a quality visitor, I will be visiting only those website that are having a good reputation & a great content. The time spent & page views made by me will be considered a factor of quality. If I arrived there accidentally, I would bounce instantly but if I found quality content, my page views for that blog will be good.Now the issue comes that How Alexa knows if I am a quality visitor of not? Here the Alexa toolbar, website certification & other factors work.If I am having a blog with good global rank and health, it would be working as a standard blog for comparing others. Alexa toolbar & website certification tells Alexa that I am a reputed/quality visitor. (obviously there might be other factors for measuring the quality of visitor)

But after all the core concept is to gain quality visitors on your blog & try to make them your readers (by inviting them again and again). Social sharing might work for you (share with attractive titles & never spam) to invite them again on your blog. You may ask them directly to visit your blog.

Justification: At first when I created my first blog, I did all possible things to get a better Alexa rank. But it took me 10+ months to get a rank under 1,00,000. But now. If I create a new blog, it takes only 15-30 days to get beat that rank. It is because I have a techie circle & I am a techie person (well, I consider myself a quality visitor 😉 )

2. Praise, Support & Promote Alexa

Senseless but important as it helps Alexa to run their algorithm, you need to praise Alexa & its products/tools so that Alexa could be able to track your activities.
First of all you have to install the Alexa toolbar in your browser. It is the basic and effective method to lower down the Alexa. Some more effective ways are following:

  • Claim Your Website at Alexa 
  • Install Alexa Toolbar at your browser
  • Ask people to review your website
  • Write reviews about Alexa 
  • Ask people to rate your website at Alexa
  • Put an alexa widget on your blog

Here you should notice an important point about Alexa ranking that Ranking based on the amount of traffic recorded the user that has the Alexa Toolbar installed in their Browser. It counts only that traffic which has Alexa toolbar, not all traffic.
Hence, if your readers are having the toolbar installed in their browser, then their visit will be beneficial for your blog rank.

These are the general suggestion. You can find at most of the blogs or in the form of suggestions, but I couldn’t understand if it is true then why my every single blog gets a rank of under 100,000 within a month.

3. Write Regularly & Produce Quality Content

Frequently publish article after a regular interval so that you can get visitors for those articles. Those articles will help you to get more visitors & needless to say that quality content can only help you to get a quality reader hence an improvement in Alexa rank.If you are not writing regularly, then it is sure that your blog’s Alexa rank will go down & then it will be very hard to get back the rank. Hence never hesitate to login your dashboard & produce quality articles on a regular interval.

4. Social Sharing & Promotion

Why losing a chance to invite techie/bloggers on your blog. After publishing every single article, promote it socially & try to target your audience. Sharing them on appropriate facebook groups, twitter & even social submission at dynamic bookmarking websites can bring you lots of readers & thus a jump in Alexa rank.After writing the post share your post/blog on social sites like digg.com, twitter.com. Delicious etc. Because this type of social sharing always gives you quality visitors that help you to lower down the Alexa rank. Especially the traffic from Twitter & StumbleUpon is a quality traffic that might be very beneficial for you.

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