Link Building is a very important part of increasing the value of your website and of your blog if your links are good then it means your website / blog has a very good value in the social market also on Internet. In this tutorial you get to know about Link Building and every aspect of Link Building. Our team suggest me a very good idea that we should share article related with link building in details so that newbies can understand it from the basics and also that will be helpful for them. Link Building is simply known as to connect your website to another to another one, to another second and so on, and if our website is connecting with big sites like facebook, Google, and other Social media then it can give lots of money on the daily basis.

So, Lets Start it….!



Internet has become the most convenient platform for bothe the Marketer and the customers. This platform has increased the competition among the websites / blog owners to rank better in search engines.

So, What’s the secret to outperform to your competitor?
The Answer is very simple – “Link Building”.

What is Link Building?

Link Building is a technique to generate inbound links to a website to increase web traffic & Internet popularity. It is the most efficient approach to rank higher in search engines and outperform your online competition.

Process of Link Building

This is as simple as reciprocal links, links from articles, newsletters, directories and many other things include in it.
There are Three Ways to gain these links:
1. One Way Linking 
2. Two Way Linking 
3. Three Way Linking

1. One Way Linking

Links from website A to website B but no back link from website B is called One Way Linking.


How to Get it?

  • By Filling the forms
  • By E-mail requests
  • By Search Engine and Directory submission


2. Two Way Link Building

It’s a better way for any webmaster to get listing and better conversion rate. For this you need to provide a link in order to get a link from other website.


Criteria for Two Way Linking


  • Page Rank should be equal OR above
  • Theme of the website/blog should match
  • Appropriate category


3. Three Way Link Building

Here, website A can link to website B and C and there is a mutual linking between these three websites.


How to Get it?

It’s the best way of getting back link. With a brief information. drop and e-mail to the owner of a relevant site for linking. If he accepts your request, then you can get a back link from his website.

Why Link Building is Needed?

  • This improves page rank over time
  • Increases website traffic
  • Results deep indexing
  • Improves search engine ranking
  • Cost effective inline marketing


 Post Panda Significance of Link Building

Most of the content sites lost their ranking due to Google Panda update. However, quality back link is still having its worth and links from authority sites like .edu, .gov can boost your ranking in all major search engines.

Why You Need to Hire Link Building Service?

Professional link building firms have mastered these techniques and they understand the very specific requirement and they understand the very specific requirement of a website. Apart from this, CBA (Cost Benefit Analysis) says it’s always better to outsource rather keep in-house employees for the purpose of link building.

End of Part I…. Part II will be publish tomorrow.

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