A Simple Way To Record Your Screen On Mac

One of the problems that appeared with Mac computers was the fact that it was really difficult to record the screen. That was a necessity for many and it was not possible but now we do have options that are available. So many users now look for information about how to record screen on MAC and the truth is that it all becomes really easy when you use software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

This is a very small and interesting program that can allow you to capture all you want, ranging from streaming video to recording your own video guides to upload to YouTube.

Movavi Screen Capture Studio

Video Editing Features

Movavi Screen Capture Studio does not just record your screen. It also includes a built-in video editing tool. Use it in order to make the footage better and perform actions like:

  • Cutting unwanted video elements
  • Adding titles
  • Adding music
  • Creating dynamic transitions
  • Connecting different clips

How To Create A Screencast

One of the very interesting advantages associated with Moravi Screen Capture Studio is that it is really easy to use. It is not at all difficult to create really great screencasts with a few steps:

  • Setting the necessary parameters
  • Capturing the actual screencast
  • Using the editing app to process it
  • Saving the video file in the wanted format.

Interesting Available Features

The frame rate that you can capture footage at can go as high as 60 fps. Alternatively, if you want to have an output file with a size that is lower, you can use a setting of 5 or 10 frames per second. Do this for any desired recording area. As you would use software on Windows computers, you can capture the full screen, just a specific area and even only a window.

Controlling the capture process is made simple with the input of the mouse and the keyboard. If you want to, the cursor can be highlighted, keys that are hit on a keyboard can be shown and a custom mouse click sound can be added in order to show when you use the gadget.

Another advantage we should mention is that audio can be capture from the desired sources. This includes MIDI devices, microphones, audio sets, program sounds, Skype calls and after you add it, you can edit it.

Use the software and then convert the video to AVI, MOV and MP4, among all the other highly popular video formats.