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Every Website need a privacy policy. Here is a list with the best free privacy policy generators.

Top list of privacy policy Generator


  • super easy to create a Policy
  • you need your company name and your company state
  • you can copy and paste the html code in your website

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  • you need to sign up
  • to generate a privacy policy, you need to fill out¬†more details about your website
  • simple copy and paste
  • the website looks more professional

here is the policy generator


  • that is a pretty good private ¬†policy generator
  • you can put more Advertisers in your policy
  • easy and fast

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  • If you have a shopify shop you can create your policy here
  • you can create a refund policy, too



  • super professional

The Privacy Policy Generator saves you time and legal fees by giving you an all-in-one wizard for creating a Privacy Policy agreement for your web site, mobile app, Facebook app, e-commerce business, and more.

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  • Google Adwords Privacy Policy requirements
  • Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Federal Trade Commission Fair Information Practices
  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)
  • Can-Spam Act
  • California Online Privacy Protection Act (Caloppa)

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Generate a privacy policy in seconds

  • for website, mobile apps, facebook apps

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The Web’s #1 Privacy Policy Generator

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