How Can You Get Back Your Blog’s Post If Your Blog Deleted By Google

recover+deleted+postAs we give the List of Deleted Blogs by Google deleted some blogs and we also give some links of deleted blogs and Google is suddenly deleting their blogs by giving some reasons which is related spams and violence etc. and as bloggers make their effort with them and give you the best content on the daily basis and some one is lost their 5 and 6 years of hard work and many bloggers are living from blogs by adsense and they also lost their important and valuable posts which are very important from the eye of admin and also from the visitors, and if Google OR Blogger deleted your blog and you didn’t take backup of your blog’s post and template then there is also a second way to take your blog’s content back but this way is little sticky and you have to do hard work with it. 🙂

Take Backup of Template and Posts Before Delete Your Blog

If Google didn’t delete your blog till yet then you should take backup for it, because Google is not notifying to any one before deleting their blogs.

Take Backup of Your Template

  • Login to Blogger > Dashborad
  • Click on Drop Down Menu and select Template
  • Click on Backup/Restore button



  • Then Click on Download Full Template (like below in Image)

Download Full Template

  • It’s done and You have successfully took backup of your template.


Take Backup of Your All Posts (First Method)

  • Login to Blogger > Dashborad
  • Click on Drop Down Menu and select Settings
  • Click on Others button
  • then Click on Export Blog

Take Backup of Your All Posts

  • then click on Download Blog.
  • It’s done and you have successfully took backup of your all posts.


Take Backup of Your All Posts (Second Method)

First Keep it in mind that if you are using this method then it’s not completely sure that you will get your all posts back but you could get back mostly 99.90% of your blog posts.

  • Copy below link and paste in browser’s address bar (where we write Your Blog URL Here / post URL


  • Now when you open your blog post then Ctrl + C and copy your all post’s content
  • you can also press Ctrl + U and see the source codes of your post.


Make Changes….!

  • Now Replace it Write Your Blog URL Here / post URL with your blog link OR Post link.
Note: has been delete by Google but by using Google’s Cache Memory we can easily see their contents and posts easily.
All the best to all bloggers, I wish that Google may not delete your Blog and If Google Already Deleted Your Then May You Get Back Your Content Back.


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