Add Scrolling Adsense Feature When Scroll Down at Page in Blogger

As last we said about some Adsense Placing Space like RIGHT, LEFT, CENTER in the blogger.
But this tutorial is different, because you can scroll your ads when you scroll down the page.


Your Adsense Ad will show at the bottom of the page.

This widget is made by using the JavaScript codes and some little CSS codes.
Which will give a certain good look to your adsense and feel it like a pro. But as we feel that codes are highly sensitive so you can only customize the CSS part and Scrolling effect. I made smoothing scrolling as much as I can. Rest is depend on you.

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4. Add Scrolling Adsense Feature When Scroll Down at Page
Disclaimer:- This Widget Could be against Adsense Policy. So, Add it on your own risk

Add Scrolling Ad Units

  • Login to Blogger > Dashborad
  • Click on Drop Down Menu and select Layout
  • Add a HTML/JavaScript Gadget
  • Paste below code in it.

<div id=’BeH-Fixed’>
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window.onload = function() {

function getScrollTop() {
if (typeof window.pageYOffset !== ‘undefined’ ) {
// Most browsers
return window.pageYOffset;

var d = document.documentElement;
if (d.clientHeight) {
// IE in standards mode
return d.scrollTop;

// IE in quirks mode
return document.body.scrollTop;

window.onscroll = function() {
var box = document.getElementById(‘BeH-Fixed’),
scroll = getScrollTop();

if (scroll <= 2509) { = “2510px”;
else { = (scroll + 1) + “px”;

#BeH-Fixed {

position: absolute;

  • Save Your Widget and You are done.

Make Changes….!

  • Replace Your Adsense Codes Here with your Adsense OR Chitika Codes.

If Any Problem Comes, Ask in Comments