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How to Unpublish Blogger Post Without Deleting OR Losing Content

Hemant Verma - 9:34 PM

Posting the article is every thing for a blogger be'coz content make us king and once if public any article in the blogger then we don't want to remove it, be'coz we all do very hard work for writing it and we don't want to delete OR remove our hard work but many times conditions not so same because of some critical issues we have to remove our post which had been published already. but suppose if you want that i just want to unpublish that article but that should be remain save in my blogger account, It means hide your content / article / post without deleting from blogger, this is very easy.

Hide Your Content Without Deleting it

  • Login to Blogger > Dashborad
  • Click on Posts and make Tick on your posts which you wants to unpublish them (You may select together more than one post)
  • and Finally Click on Revert Draft button.
  • For Example see below image. (How to do this?)

  • Have wait for 5 sec and go at your home page you will not get show these posts which is hide by you.


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